For over 50 years, Overly has been the industry leader in the design, testing, and manufacturing of Architectural Acoustic Door and Window Systems.

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STC Ratings

All of Overly's acoustical products have been tested to ASTM standards as complete operable systems at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories of Geneva, IL to ensure they perform as intended.

Metal Doors
Up to STC 57 


Wood Doors
Up to STC 49

Fixed Windows
Up to STC 55

Acoustical Door Hardware

When specifying acoustical doors, one often overlooked concern is the hardware.

Because acoustical doors are constructed differently than traditional hollow metal doors, certain considerations must be made when selecting hardware for them. Some options work better than others and some do not work at all.

Over 100 years of experience has taught us that without the correct hardware, acoustical doors can perform below their anticipated sound control levels. This is typically due to hardware that is incompatible with the unique sound control accessories used on acoustical doors. To assist in a trouble free installation and years of quality operation, we recommend reviewing the documents below to ensure that no problems arise. If you are looking to specify hardware not listed in these publications, feel free to contact our engineering department at (800) 979-7300.

For further hardware model specific information, please see the individual Overly Door product model's page. You can select the models from the drop down list at the top of each page.

Acoustical Metal Doors Hardware Compatibility Information
  A must have for hardware specifiers. An informative look at possible incompatibilities when specifying hardware for hollow metal acoustical door products.

Acoustical Wood Doors Hardware Compatibility Information
A must have for hardware specifiers. An informative look at possible incompatibilities when specifying hardware for hollow wood acoustical door products.

Fire Ratings

In addition to acoustical testing, Overly has successfully tested many of its acoustical products to the latest UL fire test standards, including UL 10B (neutral pressure), UL10C/UBC 7-2 (positive pressure).
We provide all fire labeling under Underwriter's Laboratories procedures. Metal doors are available with up to 3 hour fire ratings. Wood doors are available with up to 3/4 hour ratings. Tested and certified in accordance with UL 10C and UBC 7-2 for doors and UBC 7-4 for windows.


Personnel metal and wood doors can be manufactured up to 4'-0" x 8'-0" singles; 8'-0" x 8'-0" pairs. However, for steel doors there is really no limit. We have standardized a number of oversized units or can custom design to your exact specification. Small sizes for hatches and access panels are also available.


We offer a full line of single and pair swinging acoustical doors. Vision light configurations range from peep sites to full light dual glazed window systems. Single and bi-parting sliding door systems are also available with either manual or power controls. Tandem assemblies, as well as double egress options are available as well.

Frame Configurations

Most of our acoustical products use an applied acoustical gasket / stop. This gasket design integrates into normal architectural designs because it is similar to standard hollow metal profiles. Other options include split style frames, as well as tandem, four-sided, and double egress configurations. We manufacture frames to meet your exact need. Wrapping frames are sized to your wall. Slip in styles are also available. A range of mullion configurations are available and many "off-the-shelf" hardware mullions can be integrated into the design.

Hardware Configurations

 A standard unit is supplied with necessary hinges, perimeter gasketing and retainer, door bottom, loose stops, stop offset hardware brackets and all required fasteners. However, we can advise and supply nearly any additional hardware you require. Factory mounting of hardware is also available. Consult your local representative for more information.

Custom Hybrid Products

Additional performance options that can be incorporated include: airtight, blast/pressure-resistant, & UL bullet resistant requirements. Depending on the individual design criteria, all features may not be available. Consult the factory with your project specific needs to determine availability.