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Overly Metal Fixed Window Systems offer STC ratings from 37 to 55. Window Systems are available in single and dual-glazed units. Dual-glazed units can be provided with dual purging ports, when requested, for inert gas evacuation of water vapor between glazed panels.

Overly offers up to 1½ hour UL fire ratings on certain models when one pane is glazed with UL fire-rated glass in tandem with one pane of laminated glass.

Dual-glazed acoustic/bullet-resistant window models include STC 55 UL Level 1.


Applications for fixed window sound control lights continue to expand as the need for quiet spaces in buildings evolves.

Designed for interior use, these products can be used in a variety of both public and private institution installations including: Performing Arts Centers, Movie Theaters, Concert Halls, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Broadcast and Recording Studios, Offices , Hospitals , School Classrooms, Music Practice Rooms, Airports, Auditoriums, Libraries, Medical Offices, Worship Facilities, Engine Test Cells, as well as Manufacturing and Industrial Applications.

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Overly Metal Fixed Window Systems include the following features: 

  • Conventional Neoprene or Pre-formed Zipper Type gasketing systems
  • Single and dual-glazed windows available with vertical or sloped glazing
  • Sheet steel materials used for fabrication can include: A366 cold rolled; A924 galvannealed with A60 coating; type 304 or 316 stainless with #4 finish.
  • Overly will engineer unique project requirements such as integrating wall conditions, frame anchorages and glass types

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