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Trusted by architects, general contractors, and distributors world wide to meet the exact project needs and performance demands of today's modern door, window, and barrier systems.

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For more than 100 years, Overly Door Company, an ISO 9001 certified company, has been an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of custom and pre-engineered specialty doors and fixed window units.  Premiere Architects and Consultants call upon Overly to provide door and fixed window barrier systems that meet their exact project needs in the disciplines of acoustics, blast, bullet resistant and vault security. 


Overly offers a complete line of lab tested sound control metal and wood door units along with a line of fixed window products.

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GSA Vault Doors

Overly offers a complete line of GSA Class 5-V and 5-A and DOS Class 5-B approved vault doors, daygates and accessories.

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Bullet Resistant

Overly offers a complete line of lab tested bullet resistant metal and wood doors along with fixed and teller type windows, package passers, gun ports and voice ports.

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Blast Resistant

Overly offers a complete line of blast-resistant door and fixed window systems covering a broad range of blast requirements.

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Pressure Resistant

Overly offers a complete line of pressure-resistant door and fixed window systems covering a broad range of pressure requirements.

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Radiation Shielding

Overly custom designs radiation shielding doors specific to the hazards required by project specification requirements.

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Hybrid Custom

Overly can often combine multiple performance requirements into it's door and fixed window units when required.

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Airtight + Gastight

Overly can design and incorporate airtight or gastight project requirements into many of its door and fixed window designs.

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Overly has designed its breaker bar and pressure relief vent hardware to assist in opening doors under a differential pressure.

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Data Sheet Ordering

The Data Sheet Ordering Program is perfect for those who need their doors or windows, but not approval drawings. Get your doors and windows sooner by eliminating the traditional approval process.

Data Sheet Ordering

Quickship Program

Overly now offers our exclusive Quick Ship Service for the STC 50 Single Swing Flush Door, Model Number STC5012016.

Shipment options are for 10, 15, and 20 days from date of purchase order acknowledgement. Each month we have set aside capacity for ten 10-day lead time shipments, fifteen 15-day shipments, and twenty 20-day shipments. Please check with the factory for capacity available, along with price and shipping charges, prior to finalizing your order.

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Media Coverage

Overly Door Company appeared in a segment of the History Channels, Modern Marvels show.  The segment features our Blast and Bullet-Resistant products.  To view this video Click Here

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