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Overly's acoustical wood doors have STC ratings from 41 to 50. Wood doors are provided with metal framing systems and are intended for interior use only. Because of our unique manufacturing methods and patent pending designs, Overly acoustical wood doors achieve a higher STC rating and are lighter weight than most comparable doors on the market.


Applications for wood sound control openings continue to expand as the need for quiet spaces in buildings evolves.

Typical installations for personnel size wood doors include: theaters, concert halls, conference rooms, recording studios, educational classrooms, band and choral practice rooms, military and government SCIF spaces.



Frame gasketing systems include: Independently adjustable Single Overly H neoprene and Double Bubble low closure force types.

Door bottom sealing systems include: Full mortised automatic, handicapped approved raised threshold, and adjustable Overly Super H neoprene types.

Hinges: Level swing ball bearing or continuous type utilized on doors with automatic door bottoms or raised thresholds, and Overly MCL-500 Cam-Lift hinges when Overly Super H neoprene door bottoms are used.

Pairs of doors meeting stile options include: surface mounted overlapping neoprene type astragal for use on active/inactive pairs; surface mounted split type astragals for both leafs active pairs; and, fixed or removable mullions.

Vision lights for doors include: Metal single glazed clamp-on and metal dual-glazed flat loose stop types available in a variety of sizes and orientations.

Please consult the factory for full details of each of the above listed features and for unique project requirements where custom designed systems may be required.


All Overly 1-3/4” Thick Wood and Plastic Laminate Sound Doors up to 4’ x 8’ leaf size are available with up to 3/4 hour UL fire labels when supplied in single swing and pairs of doors with fixed or removable mullion configurations. Doors can be either flush or prepared with vision lights up to 1,296 square inches per leaf.

These fire labels meet UL 10C (positive pressure) requirements. In addition to the fire ratings, this product can also meet the requirements of Category B edge sealing systems by the use of a surface applied gasket material to the frame, and is also eligible to bear the "S" label when Category H Smoke and Draft control assemblies are required. 


To meet the growing need for wood acoustical doors in security controlled environments, Overly offers the ability to accommodate electronically controlled hardware with a raceway conduit concealed inside the door panel. For wood acoustic doors there are two options available.

The first option is for models that are hung on level swing with ball bearing-type hinges: an electric hinge can be used to transfer power from the frame to the door.

The second option is for all models including those hung on Overly MCL-500 cam lift hinges: these can utilize a Securitron EPT with slot in frame and hole in door leaf to transfer power from the frame to the door.

Both options require electric locks that fit standard cylindrical and mortise lock preparations without any additional machining and panic devices that require connections on the dummy end of the device. Consult factory with your specific lock to verify that it will be able to be used.

Doors are constructed with concealed conduit in the door and provided with a cable solid conductor AWG18/4 (18 gauge – 4 lead wire). This wire may be used as supplied for hardware hook-up or for pulling other required wires. Conduits are not large enough to pull QC connectors through the door.

The addition of raceway conduit may affect STC rating. Product was laboratory tested without conduit. Doors incorporating this feature can also be UL fire rated to UL 10C (positive pressure) for up to 3/4 hour duration.


All models available in up to 4’ x 10’ maximum leaf size. All 1-3/4” thick models up to 4’ x 8’ can be UL fire rated up to 45 minutes in single swing or in pairs when a mullion is used. 2-1/4’ thick models of any size cannot be fire rated.


In keeping with Overly's LEED Initiative, Chain-of-Custody Certification is available for Overly's Wood Acoustic Door products. In addition, all Overly laminate products contain no added urea formaldehyde resins in their manufacture. This includes both Overly's UL fire rated and non-fire rated wood acoustic door systems.

LEED Certification Documents

Hardware Compatibility

Through our years of experience we have learned that even the highest quality manufactured wood acoustical doors can have their performance compromised when not supported by compatible hardware. When selecting the hardware that will be used on Overly Acoustical Wood and Plastic Laminate Doors, it is essential to utilize compatible hardware for proper sound performance and operation. This hardware compatibility can vary with door model selected and the application of the product.

To assist in determining acceptable hardware for your given performance and application needs, Overly has created a hardware information bulletin exclusively for its line of sound control wood doors that is available online from the factory. This bulletin provides guidance for planning the hardware for the complete opening to help insure the desired acoustical performance of the assembly. For each door model, depending on individual design criteria, all features may not be available. Consult factory for specifics


The selections of veneers and finishes are a crucial part of the design of any project. That’s why Overly crafts every door with meticulous attention to beauty and expression as well as technical excellence. With our wide selection of finishes and wood species veneers, we are to provide acoustic wood doors that elevate the aesthetics of your project. as well as the performance.

In wood veneers, Overly offers the following fourteen (14) standard wood species and cuts:

  • Medium Density Overlay (MDO)
  • Plain Sliced Red Oak
  • Rotary Cut Red Oak
  • Rift Cut Red Oak  Plain Sliced White Oak
  • Rift Cut White Oak
  • Plain Sliced White Birch
  • Plain Sliced Natural Birch
  • Rotary Cut Natural Birch
  • Paint Grade Birch
  • Plain Sliced White Maple
  • Plain Sliced Cherry
  • Flat or 1/4 Cut African Mahogany
  • Plain Sliced White Ash 

For non-traditional looks, choose from many exotic wood veneer species, representing the most beautiful wood species in the world.

Overly offers unfinished, prime painted, clear or color finishes. When it comes to color, Overly will custom match any color for your project. To get the exact color you require for your project—whether to match an existing color for a remodel; to match existing doors in the facility; or, any of the colors offered by any wood door manufacturer—all we need is a physical sample of the color desired (minimum 2” x 2”), along with the veneer type and cut to which it will be applied. Before production we will supply an architectural color sample for your approval. No matter which stain or opaque color you choose, you get the promise of environmentally sensitive, water-based stains, and polyurethane, making it durable and safe. Overly opaque door finishes are uniform, consistent and durable, meeting the performance standards of AWS Finish System 9 or WDMA TR-6 and OP-3. Plus, as compared to field finishing, you get superior color consistency and uniformity, with none of the hassles of scheduling and environmental concerns.

As an additional assurance to you, every door that is factory machined and finished is delivered ready to hang, making your work easier. For full details, contact the factory.


Plastic laminate doors have long been associated with durability, uniformity of appearance and easy maintenance. In addition, Overly plastic laminate doors are available in a full range of colors, patterns, wood grains and custom laminates to complement your architecture and décor. Decorative plastic laminates offer endless color choices, with patterns that range from subtle to bold.

Custom laminates can create individual designs that incorporate graphics such as images or company logos. Edges of doors are banded to match face laminates. Woodgrain plastic laminates can incorporate grain, color and finishes without the flaws, knots or imperfections of wood veneers. In addition to popular wood species such as cherry and maple, laminates can provide the unique looks of exotic species such as lacewood and teak. For full details, contact the factory.

For more inspiration, check out the designs and colors available through laminate manufacturer Wilsonart at

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