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Voice Aperture

Type: Bullet Resistant, Gun and Voice Ports

Voice Aperture

Type: Bullet Resistant, Gun and Voice Ports


Voice apertures are designed for mounting in armored vision lights to provide an inexpensive, maintenance-free, non-electronic method of voice transmissions, in control rooms, currency exchanges, teller windows and other ballistic protected areas.

Bullet Resisting:

Assemblies are listed by Underwriters Laboratories,Inc. (UL) as being bullet resisting assemblies in compliance with Standard for Safety-UL 752, Bullet-Resisting Equipment for the following threat levels:

  • UL Level 1
  • UL Level 2
  • UL Level 3
  • UL Level 4
  • UL Level 5
  • UL Level 6
  • UL Level 7
  • UL Level 8

Click here fo UL752 Threat Chart

Desired threat level must be specified at time of placement of order.

Materials of Construction:

Voice apertures are manufactured of investment cast type 304 stainless steel with ballistic baffles fabricated of stainless steel of sufficient thickness to withstand specified attack level. Product is fully assembled and supplied with gaskets and mounting screws.


Units are shipped with all parts for field installation in prepared laminated glass cut-outs. Laminated glass by others must be prepared with 5-3/16" diameter hole in desired location. No special tools are required for installation other than conventional screw drivers.

Standard Size:

Units available in one standard size to accommodate galzing thickness which is dependant upon the bullet resistance required for the project.

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