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All drawings are provided in Autodesk's AutoCAD Drawing Format (DWG). Drawing files are the most requested vector graphic format. They can be imported into a number of CAD packages.

To open and print these files correctly in AutoCAD, you will need to download a few support files. Download them in ZIP format here. Extract them to the same folder as the drawings you download. These are title block XREF drawings required for printing the cut sheet. They are not required for viewing the drawing content.

Some drawings may also be provided as PDF's. This format is the most widely used digital document format and allows cross platform viewing while maintaining the original formatting. Adobe's free Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these files.

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1-3/4" Thick Single Metal Acoustical Door with Single "H" Perimeter Seals, Cam-Lift Hinges, & Lock

Document Number: DET-013

DWG Filename: acs-hm-horiz-sh-cams-lock.dwg
DWG File Size: 83.053 KB

PDF Filename: acs-hm-horiz-sh-cams-lock.pdf
PDF File Size: 209.866 KB

Revision: 0

Horizontal Section
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1-3/4" Thick Metal Acoustical Door with Single "H" Perimeter Seals & Super "H" Door Bottom

Document Number: DET-026

DWG Filename: acs-hm-vert-sh-sh.dwg
DWG File Size: 55.929 KB

PDF Filename: acs-hm-vert-sh-sh.pdf
PDF File Size: 175.206 KB

Revision: 0

Vertical Section
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Flush Single Door Elevation

Document Number: DET-041

DWG Filename: elev-single-flush.dwg
DWG File Size: 39.252 KB

PDF Filename: elev-single-flush.pdf
PDF File Size: 165.668 KB

Revision: 0

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Handing Chart for Single Swing Door

Document Number: DET-046

DWG Filename: swing-single.dwg
DWG File Size: 75.317 KB

PDF Filename: swing-single.pdf
PDF File Size: 155.159 KB

Revision: 0

Handing Chart
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