Blast Resistant Door

Model LRB-P Metal Door

Pair of Swinging Metal Doors

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Maximum Fire Rating:

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Recommended Hardware


Surface Mounted Closer
ANSI 156.4 Grade 1
Show Suggested Models

  • Corbin/Russwin DC2000, DC3000, DC4000
  • Dorma 640, 540, 7600, 7800, TS83
  • LCN 4010, 4020, 4041 Super Smoothie
  • Norton 7500, 8500
  • Sargent 250, 251, 350, 351, 1230, 1231, 1250, 1251

Mortise Exit Device
Modified latch-bolt, strike plate, and scalp plate
Show Suggested Models

  • Sargent 8300
  • Corbin/Russwin ED6600
  • Von Duprin 9875/9975

6-3/4" x 1" Flush-Bolt
Modified flush-bolt pin provided by Overly
ANSI 156.16
Show Suggested Models

  • Trimco 3917

5" x 4-1/2" Heavy Weight Hinge
ANSI A5111 or A8111
Show Suggested Models

  • Hager BB1168
  • Hager BB1199
  • McKinney T4A3786
  • McKinney T4A3386
  • Stanley FBB168
  • Stanley FBB199

Mortise Lock
Modified latch-bolt, strike plate, and scalp plate
ANSI A156.13 Series 1000 Grade 1
Show Suggested Models

  • Best 35H
  • Sargent 8200
  • Schlage "L" Series
  • Corbin/Russwin ML2000
Conventional Profiles

This door assembly uses a standard Hollow Metal profile.  This ensures it will fit seamlessly into your facility, whether for a mechanical room or a board room.

Hospital Stops

Hospital stops are available for medical applications, or anywhere cleanliness is a concern.  The hospital stop allows a mop or broom to be used unobstructed by the frame stop.  You may also want to consider using hospital tip hinges as well.

UL Fire Ratings
  In addition to acoustical testing, Overly has successfully tested this product to the latest UL fire test standards, including UL 10B (neutral pressure), UL10C/UBC 7-2 (positive pressure).