Blast Resistant - Mid (MRB) Range Series

Overly’s MRB series product are personnel size 2-3/4” thick doors. These doors are equipped with Overly designed and tested hinges and latching/locking devices. These Overly designed hinges are specifically engineered to accommodate the weights of the doors for many years of trouble free service.

The MRB latching/locking device is a proprietary design that incorporates one, two, three or four latching pins depending on the design pressures of the opening, The latching points can either be retracted by lever handle or panic device. All typical builders hardware locking functions are fully supported by this design. Panic hardware has been tested and passed all of the stringent requirements of UL Standard for Safety UL305 to ensure it’s integrity and operating functionality.

MRB products are available in single and double leaf swings. Horizontal sliding doors of similar construction and load ratings are also available.

These units are available fabricated from carbon steel for interior use, galvannealed steel for exterior use and depending on the projects blast requirements, 316 and 316L stainless steel. Other features that may be incorporated into these openings include such items as door position indicators, lock/unlock sensors, insulation and weatherstripping.

For those openings requiring automatic power assist opening operation, Overly can incorporate devices to accommodate this need.

If fire ratings are required, all VLRB and LRB can be UL Labeled up to 3-hours in accordance with UL Standard for Safety UL10C, “Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies,” when the project parameters meet the requirements of the UL procedures. Consult factory with your specific project requirement needs for availability.

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