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Overly's acoustical wood doors have STC ratings from 41 to 50. Wood doors are provided with metal framing systems and are intended for interior use only. Because of our unique manufacturing methods and patent pending designs, Overly acoustical wood doors achieve a higher STC rating and are lighter weight than most comparable doors on the market.  


In keeping with Overly's LEED Initiative, Chain-of-Custody Certification is available for Overly's Wood Acoustic Door products. In addition, all Overly laminate products contain no added urea formaldehyde resins in their manufacture. This includes both Overly's UL fire rated and non-fire rated wood acoustic door systems.

Chain-of-Custody Certification LEED Press Release   Formaldehyde-Free Press Release


Sizes of Overly Wood Swinging Doors include:

  • Single swing: Sizes up to 4' x 8'.
  • Pair swing: Sizes up to 8' x 8'.


Overly's acoustical wood doors are available in a wide array of finishes. Choose from a variety of cuts & wood species, such as rift cut red oak or plain sliced maple. There are many combinations available. Contact the factory for selection sheets or veneer samples.

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Hardware compatibility for acoustical wood doors vary with model type and application. To assist in determining compatibility with Overly acoustical wood doors, a hardware bulletin is available. For each Overly door model, depending on the individual design criteria, all features may not be available.

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Hardware Information Bulletin

Fire Ratings

All Overly 1-3/4" single swing wood doors are available with 3/4 hour and 20 minute UL fire labels for both flush and up to 100 sq in vision lights. Pairs of 1-3/4" wood doors require a fire rated mullion for any fire rating. Please consult the factory for full details and unique project requirements.

Overly Wood Swinging Doors offer the following features:

  • Frame gasketing systems include: Single Overly "H" compression seals & Double Bubble Perimeter Seals.
  • Door bottoms sealing systems include: Semi-mortised & Full-mortised automatic types & Overly Super "H" compression types. 
  • Hinges include: Level swing ball bearing type on doors with automatic door bottoms & Overly MCL-500 Cam-lift hinges when Overly Super "H" door bottom is used. 
  • Pairs of doors meeting stile astragals include: Surface-mounted compression type & for pairs with both leaves active, a surface mounted split type. 
  • Vision lights include: Single glazed clamp-on; dual glazed flat loose stop.

Typical installation for personnel size wood doors include: theaters, concert halls, conference rooms, recording studios, & educational classrooms.