Bullet-Resistant Package Pass-Throughs

To facilitate the transfer of packages in a secure environment, Overly offers ballistic resistant package pass-throughs. These package pass-throughs are available in UL 752 ballistic levels 1-8.

If your project requires additional secure performance requirements such as acoustical and/or fire protection, overly can incorporate these features. For sound control, an STC rating of 52 is available as tested in accordance with ASTM E90 and for fire, a 1-1/2 hour UL rating in accordance with UL10C is available.

All of Overly’s package pass-throughs are custom manufactured around you specific maximum package size and are designed with a mechanical interlock that prevents both doors from being open at the same time, guaranteeing the ballistic protection at all times. Access control can be provided with key locked latches on one or both sides of the unit.

Units are available in #4 finish 304 or 316L stainless steel or prime painted carbon steel and come fully assembled with a clamp-on framing system ready for installation into a prepared opening. Consult factory with your specific project needs.