Hardware by Overly

We offer a range of specialty hardware, most of which is used widely on our product lines. Although these items are sold separately, they are typically used in pre-designed products that we offer as a whole system. Or they are used for replacement in such products.


We make a variety of hinges for specialty applications. We offer three sizes of cam-lift hinge for acoustical products. We also manufacturer hinges for vault doors and high range blast doors. We also custom manufacturer hinges, should the application require it.


Locks and Panics

We manufacture mortise and multipoint locks for specialized applications, such as locks used on blast, shielding, and pressure doors. While many of these devices are designed on a per job basis, we do have a few standardized models. Although we do not sell these locks separate from our assemblies, we offer this information for orders containing them.

Pressure Vent

We also manufacture a pressure relief vent that equalizes pressure across a door opening. This is helpful in doorways connecting subway tunnels and other openings where differential pressure makes it difficult to open a door.

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Breaker Bars

In addition to our pressure vents, we also offer breaker bars.

Breaker Bars were design in conjunction with Duquesne Light Company for doors that were difficult to operate because of pressure differentials from the HVAC system.

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