Vault Door Accessories

GSA Class 5-V and 5-A Day Gates

Day Gates restrict unauthorized entrance during hours the vault door is open while allowing personal interaction. Overly Day Gates are made of 10 ga. Steel expanded metal with heavy duty pivots and are available in standard, full height or Dutch door configurations with additional options such as self-closing, issue ports and stainless steel shelves. The Dutch door configuration consists of both a top and bottom leaf, which swing independently of each other. The top half locks to the bottom half when shut. The top leaf can also be fitted with an 8" x 12" issue port and has a lockable hinged cover and a stainless steel shelf.

Other features include:

  • Pivots allow gate to swing easily into vault
  • Equipped with heavy duty key dead lock or latch
  • Direction of the day gate swing is determined by viewing day gate from inside the vault
  • Right swing hinges on right; left swing hinges on left
Standard Day Gate Full Height Day Gate Self-Closing Full Height Day Gate
Standard Height Dutch-Style Day Gate Standard Height Dutch-Style with Issue Port Standard Height Day Gate with Issue Port
Full Height Self-Closing Day Gate with Issue Port Full Height Day Gate with Issue Port