Acoustical Metal Doors

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    Overly Metal Swinging Doors have STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings from 43 to 57. Because of our unique manufacturing methods & patented designs, Overly Architectural Acoustic Doors achieve higher STC & are lighter weight than most comparable doors on the market. Doors are available in single swing or pair configurations. Pairs can have both leaves active or one leaf active one leaf inactive. 
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Sizes of Overly Metal Swinging Doors include:

  • Personnel size, which is up to 4' x 10' single & 8' x 10' pairs;
  • Oversized, which is any opening larger than personnel size in any dimension. These doors require additional thickness to provide necessary structural integrity

Fire Ratings

Overly fire rated products have been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with Standard for Safety UL 10C. All products that are eligible to be fire rated and bear the UL Listing Mark are built in accordance with our written UL procedures covering each product type.



Metal products receive a coat of rust inhibitive primer. Zinc-rich and other select primers are available. Consult your local representative for more information.

Overly Metal Swinging Doors offer the following features:

  • Frame gasketing systems include:  Single & Dual Overly "H" compression seals & Single & Dual Magnetic Seals.
  • Door bottoms sealing systems include: Semi-mortised automatic & Overly Super "H" compression types.
  • Hinges include: Level swing ball bearing type on doors with automatic door bottoms & Overly MCL-500 Cam-lift hinges when Overly Super "H" door bottom is used.
  • Pairs of doors meeting stile astragals include: Surface-mounted compression type; surface mounted magnetic type; and for pairs with both leaves active, a surface mounted split type.
  • Vision lights include: Single glazed clamp-on; dual glazed flat loose stop.
  • Sheet metal materials used for fabrication include: A1008 cold rolled; A924 galvannealed with A60 coating; type 304 or 316 stainless with #4 finish.

Most models are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and are fire rated from 3/4 to 3 hours, in accordance with Standard 10B, "Fire Tests of Door Assemblies." Standard 10C is available on a majority of our products. Consult Overly in Regards to how the size and hardware limitations of this procedure applies to these models.

In addition, Overly offers the following Swinging Metal Doors for specialized applications: an STC 46 dual glazed full light door for applications that require excellent acoustical performance & maximum visibility; a fully tested STC 48 pair of doors that allows both leaves to be active for exit door application.; STC49 & STC50 models that utilize single & dual magnetic seals respectively which, when tested, obtain these ratings without use of a positive latching device.

Additional performance options that can be incorporated into some door models include: airtight, blast/pressure-resistant, & UL bullet resistant requirements. Depending on the individual design criteria, all features may not be available for each Overly Door model. Consult the factory with your project specific needs to determine availability. To assist in determining hardware compatibility with Overly Acoustical Doors, a hardware information bulletin has been created & is available.

Typical installation for personnel size doors include: theaters,concert halls, conference rooms, test cells, recording studios, factories, mechanical rooms, & educational classrooms.

Typical installations for oversized doors include: large test cells, theater stage doors, mechanical rooms, & convention centers.

Metal Sliding Doors

At STC 51, the Overly Acoustical Sliding Door is one of the highest rated sliding doors of its type on the market. The door is available in single & bi-parting configuration & is designed with a unique track system that automatically cams the door down & inward utilizing gravity to compress all seals. Because of this unique action, a flush, barrier-free threshold feature allows easy passage of heavy machinery, scenery, engine test stands, etc. through the door opening. Due to the unique seating action of the door, a manual hydraulic unseating device is provided. This device unseats the door so it can be easily pushed open.