Bullet-Resistant Money Cart

Overly Series MCPT Money Cart Pass-Throughs are used in banks, financial institutions, casinos, secure buildings and armored car services where large sums of money, valuables or large packages in various forms are transferred. These large pass-throughs can be made to pass any size package or container.

MCPT assemblies are listed by Underwriters laboratories, inc. as bullet-resistant in compliance with UL Standard for Safety 752 for levels 1-8, as well as to NIJ Standard 0108.01.

Series MCPT Pass-Throughs are completely assembled units composed of a pass chamber, wall clamping flanges, and integral swinging doors. Doors are electrically interlocked to permit the opening of one door at a time maintaining the bullet-resistant integrity of the unit. Locking systems are classified as fail secure. If units are used in barriers not under constant surveillance, integral door position switches can be provided to permit remote monitoring. Frames telescope to adjust to finish wall thickness by clamping unit to the wall opening. The finished wall thickness must be specified at time of order.

Units are available as standard constructed from prime painted carbon steel or in #4 finish 304 or 316L stainless steel and come fully assembled with hardware applied and ready to install. Consult factory with your specific project needs.