Bullet-Resistant Wood Doors

Overly Wood Bullet-Resistant Door assemblies have been tested in accordance with UL Standard for Safety 752 at Underwriters Laboratories in Northbrook, IL for weapons protection 1-3 and are designed to be hung in our UL-listed metal bullet-resistant framing systems.    If your project calls for UL Levels of protection 4-8, Overly can offer a non-UL listed door assembly fabricated using UL-listed level 4-8 fiberglass liner materials incorporated into the panel.  In all cases, these assemblies are intended for interior use only.

Product features include a fully bonded multi-layer ballistic core that can be laminated with a complete line of wood veneer species and MDO faces that can be delivered, unfinished, prime painted, or with clear or custom stained match.  Plastic laminates are also available from a variety of manufacturers.  Vertical edges of the doors are edge banded to match the face material selected.

These door leafs are available in a maximum leaf size of 4’ x 10’ swinging in single or pair configurations.  If fire labels are required, 20 minute ratings are available for these sizes and configurations.

For non-fire rated doors, when vision lights are required, doors can be provided with light kits matching the bullet-resistant level required by the project. For UL levels 1-3, 4-ply all polycarbonate glazing is supplied and required to be factory glazed in a UL listed metal framing system. For Levels 4-8, glazing materials supplied vary with level of UL bullet-resistant protection required. Please contact factory for specifics.

For all bullet-resistant wood door assemblies, it is essential that the hardware be compatible for the individual levels door constructions.  Openings are required to be secured with a cylindrical, mortise, mortise panic or rim panic device for singles and active leafs of pairs, and flush-bolts or vertical rod devices for in-active leafs.  It is important to note that pairs of doors MUST be equipped with an overlapping astragal fabricated to meet the UL protection of the opening.  Doors are also not able to incorporate hardware of the concealed type such as closers, hold-opens, vertical rods, etc.

Hinges used for swinging the doors needs to be able to accommodate the weights of the doors as indicated in the chart below.  Heavy weight ball bearing type hinges can be used for levels 1, 2, 3 and 6.  It is required that continuous hinges be used on levels 4, 5 7 and 8.

Threat Level Door Thickness Door weight/sq. ft.
UL Level 1 1-3/4” 10.1 lb/sq. ft.
UL Level 2 1-3/4” 11.0 lb/sq. ft.
UL Level 3 1-3/4” 11.7 lb/sq. ft.
UL Level 4 2-1/2” 20.3 lb/sq. ft.
UL Level 5 2-1/2” 20.8 lb/sq. ft.
UL Level 6 1-3/4” 11.0 lb/sq. ft.
UL Level 7 2-1/4” 18.0 lb/sq. ft.
UL Level 8 2-1/2” 21.3 lb/sq. ft.


When electrified locks/latches are required, preparations for electrified hinges or power transfers and corresponding raceways may be able to be provided in the door panels.  Consult factory with your specific project requirements to verify compatibility.