PCPITC-4 Blast Door Certification

The Overly LRB-S Blast Door successfully tested to PCPITC-4 criteria.

A 3' x 7' single swing Overly Model LRB-S (Low Range Blast) Door was tested to the Petroleum and Chemical Processing Industry Technology Cooperative (PCPITC) blast load of 4 psi for a duration of 80 ms (impulse of 160 psi-ms).

THe door, frame, and hardware achieved a Response Level Rating of RL-II.  An RL-II Rating is applied to an assembly that remains within the opening, remains fully operable, and experiences only slight permanent deformation.  THe tests were conducted in December 2002 by Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas using their shock tube. 

Dynamic Testing Videos

Overly's dynamic testing of our PCPITC-4 LRB-S blast resistant door and frame are available on video.  All videos are encoded at 340 kbs for cable/DSL or faster connections.  Dial-up modem users may choose to download the entire video file and view it locally, if the video does not play smoothly.

Click Here For Online Testing Videos... 

Based on these results and previous testing of the LRB-S door, Overly Engineering believes the door may achieve an RL-I (no damage) if tested to the PCPITC-2 criteria which is a load of 2 psi for a duration of 80 ms (impulse of 80 psi-ms).  Please contact Overly's Tim Blackburn for full test results.


Testing Pictures


Lock - Pre-Testing
  Lock- Post-Testing
Strike - Pre-Testing 
  Strike - Post-Testing
 Elevation - Pre-Testing
  Elevation - Post-Testing