Blast-Resistant Products

The Widest Range of Blast- and Pressure-Resistant Door and Window Systems in the World.

High Range Blast Doors and Windows

Due to the unique nature of some projects, a pre-engineered model is not always the best selection. Often, a custom design is required. That is where we come in. Our engineering and sales staff can help custom design a product to meet your most demanding applications.

Pre-Engineered Blast Door Models

Series VLRB (Very Low Range Blast), LRB (Low Range Blast) and MRB (Mid Range Blast) are a family of pre-engineered blast- and fire-resistant doors and frames. The doors are used for hazardous material storage, automotive, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical facilities.


VLRB and LRB Doors
Up to 3 psi 



MRB Doors
Up to 20 psi

VLRB and LRB are personnel-size 1-3/4" thick heavy-duty hollow metal doors.  They are lightweight and have the appearance and user-friendly features of industrial-grade fire doors.  However, Overly has "hardened" the doors by developing proprietary restraining hardware and the strategic placement of reinforcing steel.  These doors are for use where equivalent static loads are in the 0.7 to 3 psi range. 

The Overly LRB-S Blast Door successfully tested to PCPITC-4 criteria...
  The MRB Models are personnel-size 2-3/4" thick heavy-duty hollow metal doors.  These doors are equipped with Overly's concealed single or multi- point latching pin design that is aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and requires minimal maintenance.  The doors are mounted on Overly's proprietary M-1800 mortise hinges or P-800 surface mounted hinges.  Both hinge models feature precision radial and thrust bearings that assure smooth operation and long life.  These doors are for use where equivalent static loads are in the 3 to 20 psi range.  All models are available in single and double leaf swings.  Horizontal sliding doors are similar construction and load ratings are also available.


UL Fire Ratings

Overly has successfully tested many of its products to the latest UL fire test standards, including UL 10B (neutral pressure), UL10C/UBC 7-2 (positive pressure).

We provide all fire labeling under Underwriter's Laboratories procedures. Metal doors are available with up to 3 hour fire ratings. Tested and certified in accordance with UL 10C and UBC 7-2 for doors and UBC 7-4 for windows.


We offer a full line of single and pair swinging blast-resistant doors. Vision light configurations range from peep sites to dual glazed window systems. Single and bi-parting sliding door systems are also available with either manual or power controls. Tandem assemblies, as well as double egress options are available as well.

Frame Configurations

Many of our blast-resistant products use a frame profile similar to standard hollow metal frames. Other options include split style frames, as well as tandem, four-sided, and double egress configurations. We manufacture frames to meet your exact need. Wrapping frames are sized to your wall. Slip in styles are also available. A range of mullion configurations are available. In some instances, we utilize channel iron framing members for pour-in-place wall systems.

Hardware Configurations

We typically provide a standard hardware package with our blast-resistant products. However, hardware can be supplied from a third party if the information is reviewed by our technical staff. Also, certain blast door models require modified or custom manufactured hardware. It is best to contact the factory for assistance. Factory mounting of hardware is also available. Consult your local representative for more information.


Custom Hybrid Products

Additional performance options that can be incorporated into this door include: airtight, acoustical, & UL bullet resistant requirements. Depending on the individual design criteria, all features may not be available. Consult the factory with your project specific needs to determine availability. To assist in determining hardware compatibility with Overly Blast-Resistant Doors, please contact our sales department.


Personnel doors can be manufactured up to 4'-0" x 8'-0" singles; 8'-0" x 8'-0" pairs. However, there is really no limit. We have standardized a number of oversized units or can custom design to your exact specification. Small sizes for hatches and access panels are also available, as well as blow-out panels.


Metal products receive a coat of rust inhibitive primer. Zinc-rich and other select primers are available. Finish painting may also be available. Consult your local representative for more information.